Jergensen Family Moments

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We've been watching too much Psych!

Psych is a show about two friends and one convinces the Santa Barbara police department that he is a psychic, even though he isn't. The two friends help the SBPD in solving many cases, which most of them are murder.

Explanation: My friend and I were cleaning up from a party we had at my house, when we were sure we heard my cousin Cassie yell, "LINDSEY!!!!" (Like a death cry!!!!!) We were so freaked out, we were worried she was being murdered! We hurried and got some gear {bat, baseball helmet, golf club, and tennis balls} and went out the front door. We ran back to back to the house next door where she was staying, and walked in. I cautiously asked my other cousin where Cassie was, and LUCKILY she said, "right there, why? What are you wearing?" we breathed a sigh of relief and laughed. Then when we were walking back, we agreed we really have been watching too much Psych!

Wait for iiiiitttttttttttt!!!!!!!

Don't worry! We are on our way!!!!!!

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Katie said...

too silly. You need to post about ragnar and put up pictures!!