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Friday, April 22, 2011

Scout Jimmer

PLEASE SEE POST DATED OCTOBER 29, 2008 (This is her plea to her parents a while ago)

Lindsey got her dog! Hard to believe, but true!

Tal and I were sitting in a funeral (yes, a funeral!) when Tal leaned over and showed me the picture text that he had just received from Lindsey. She was holding a puppy and the text said, "Please, please, please." (She had also sent me the same text -- but my cell phone was respectfully turned off.) When the funeral came to an end, Tal said, "I'm weakening." For some silly reason I thought he was referring to being so hungry -- until I saw the look in his eyes.
We were out of state for the funeral, so Tal responded back and told her to ask the store owners if they would save it for her until we returned. They did.
We went the night after we got home. The puppy was cute enough, but when the owners mentioned that they also had pure bred German Shepherds, that caught Tal's attention. Of course, as soon as the one came to Lindsey, it was a done deal. Oh, that was only after Tal got my approval. Not wanting to be voted the meanest mom in the world, I agreed with several requirements. Lindsey has done very well so far meeting those.
Naming the dog was a family affair, but in the end it was Lindsey's choice. My favorite was
"Sherman Gepherd the German Shepherd", but that name lost to the winner "Scout Jimmer". Scout is growing and has won our hearts. By the way, he is an exclusively outside dog. Luckily Lindsey agrees as does Tal and Andrew. It's so nice to find something that we all agree on once in a while! New family motto? Scout is out! or Out Scout when he sneaks in.
Don't be expecting to see Scout in any family portraits, and please remember there is no "Jergensen" in his name. He is cute, but I can't go much farther than that!

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Julie said...

Oh he's adorable!! Lindsey's pretty cute too!