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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Are We There Yet?"

Our team name: "Are We There Yet?"
Lindsey decorating the van.

Wow! It was great! Several months ago, we committed to being on a Ragnar Relay team. This is a 12-team member relay, divided into 2 vans, which runs a total of 200.9 miles. Ours was the Southern California Ragnar which started in Huntington Beach and ended on Coronado Island. It took us 36 hours with one team member always running. We started at 7:00AM on Friday, April 15, and we joined Kyle to run across the finish line at about 6:45 PM on Saturday, April 16. Tal had a total of 17 miles, Lindsey had 14, and I (Regina) had 16 but didn't run my last two. It was a good choice to have someone else run those 2 uphill miles. I have made huge progress over the last several months, but I would have had a hard time even walking this spot.
I can't put into thoughts or words why this was so great! I am SO GLAD that I did this, but most likely will not do it again. My hip, knees, and toes are still hurting, so I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date! I think it would be fun to do it with our own children, but even then, maybe I would opt to be in charge of food and hydration!
We had a fun team. Being that it is divided into two, we really didn't see the other half a whole lot. Van #1, our half, consisted of Tal, Regina (me), Lindsey (only 12 years old), Chris Formica, her son McKay Formica (13 years old), and Jerry Cripe. Ed Formica was our driver and was incredible! He had programed all of our exchange spots on a GPS, rode along on his bike for support- and safety during night legs, and was just a help all around. Van #2 consisted of my nephews, Chad(team captain) and Kyle Tibbitts, my neice Caitlin Tibbitts, Brian Caskey (father-in-law to Kyle and Hemet High classmate of mine), Meghan Smith, and Josh Hill. Their driver was Chris Francis.
If you aren't familiar with these things, our van started out first. We each ran our designated leg while our van with the other members drove from one exchange to the other, dropping off and picking up runners. We stopped to cheer and take photos along the way. At exchange 6, a Major exchange, we met the other van. Of course we communicated often by cell phone so they would know when to meet us. We cheered each other on then left them as they took over. We left for food and to rest at someones home, then met back again at Exchange 12. This continued until we had each run 3 legs.
There were times that I seriously wondered why we were doing this at all, and there were times that I couldn't have been more full of joy. I loved running this with Tal and with Lindsey. Andrew didn't have an interest this year. Maybe another time. Brad has written home from his mission in Spokane to count him in in 2 more years! Katie expressed an interest, too, and Nathan has actually been part of one of these before.
I am going to attempt to put some photos up now. Wish me luck!
Lindsey during her first leg.
Tal at the end of his first leg. Regina running (I am not a runner and don't look like a runner - but I ran!)

Group cheer at the end after receiving our medals. I wanted to wear mine to church the next day because I was so excited! I didn't wear it, by the way.

So there you have it. How fun! If you are interested in Ragnar's, go to . They are fun, exciting, and challenging. I want to get some photos from the the other van and post some of those, too. Later!


Katie and Eric said...

Way to go! You guys did awesome.

Julie said...

Regina this is so awesome--both that you posted on your blog and that you guys did Ragnar!!!! I really hate running, but I trained for and ran a half marathon a couple of years ago, which actually made me know I would NEVER want to do a marathon. However, I joined a Ragnar team last Spring, but decided a couple of weeks later to bow out because I'd much rather use the training time to ride my bike. Cycling doesn't hurt my body near as much!! Good job though. What a great thing to do as a family!!!!

Julie said...

P.S. Now keep blogging! I'd sure love to see what you're up to!

Picture of Health said...

Thanks for the post! Mike felt the same way after doing the Ragnar last year. It was fun, but he hasn't run since then. I am a walker and will not run (unless a dog is chasing me!)

Keep your blog going!