Jergensen Family Moments

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I thought you would like to read what I found tonight. Background: The Olsen's brought puppies to the Ward Trunk-or-Treat tonight to see if any one wanted them. The Dunn's (our next door neighbors), it appears, have become new dog owners. It sounds like they will build a fence, then bring it home later. Lindsey got in the car acting put out by her parents who don't let her have what she wants, as opposed to Emily's that always make sure she gets what she wants. I just went to her room as I was going to bed. On her little white board, this is what she has written:

I might add to the list:

* has children owners that always feed it
* it never barks in the night
* it always chases UPS trucks (it was so entertaining how
Chandler did this, although it made deliveries difficult sometimes.)
* it has a new digestive system which never has the need to
eliminate waste products! (Because scooping poop just never
happens as it should!!!)


Julie said...

I love it!! And congrats on successfully adding a photo too! I think you should get her that perfect puppy.

Colby said...

Lindsey doesn't get what she wants?

Colby and Katie said...

MOM! You figured out how to post a picture!!!! that is so exciting! So have you bought a new dog yet? ;)

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Too funny! I'm excited to see you guys this weekend!

Aaron & Kalle said...

You forgot dogs that clean up their shedding hair when asked to.

A Friend's Perspective said...

I love it! As far as the dog goes, give it to Tal and Lindsey! LOL.

Great blog!!