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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jurassic Classic MUD RUN!

Today I did my first Mud Run with 3 girls from my volleyball team, and I LOVED it! Our team name was Bump, Set, Run! We got SOOO muddy and it was AWESOME! It was 5K (3 miles). {Beware of major overload of pictures.}

Before the run. Our yellow shirts made us easy to spot.

One of the many obstacles. See the 4 yellow shirts?

After the first obstacle, me and Aubrie went ahead of the other two. Here we are jumping over a wall. Legit.

Getting close.

The longest mud pit. We ran in...

...and decided to swim! :)

Next to 3 big mud pits to jump across. See the yellow shirts? Not so much now!

Me and Aubrie in the final mud pit!

Crossing the Finish line!

Muddy, happy, friends.

The other two made it!

We were almost completely covered in mud!

It was such a relief to get our heavy mud shoes off! (I really like this picture of my mud covered legs.)

And cleaning off with all the other muddy runners! I can't wait for next year to do it again!

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Katie said...

looks like fun, but also looks a little crazy!