Jergensen Family Moments

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving this year was a lot of fun. We had 46 people at our house! It was a great time to be with family. All of our immediate family was here except for brad on his mission. I loved having some of my cousins and their families here.
Katie along with my mom did a great job with the table decorations.
I hope I don't bore you with all these pictures...

Oh. PS... Go Pack!!!


Julie said...

Looks like a beautiful setting! I love your Mom's cooking--she's one of the best for sure!! Tell her hello and that I miss her.

The Jergensens said...

Wow, Lindsey! I had no idea you had done this! We did have 46 people here, but many more than Katie and I (Mom) did the cooking! We had a good time. Our family room, which is a great large room, looked like a ward dinner! We had 5 tables set up. Thank goodness for paper plates, warming drawers, and a working septic tank!