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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Selena Gomez Concert!!!!!!

My friend Emily took me to a Selena Gomez concert!!!!! If you don't know this already, I'm a HUGE Selena fan!!!! It was so much fun!!! Her dad, Bryan took us, and her sister, Ashlyn came too. It was on September 9th, and was at the San Diego Sports Arena. These are some of the songs she sang. I’m just remembering them off the top of my head, so I’m probably missing some.

A Year Without Rain- first song. It was so much fun because everyone starting screaming when the lights turned off and then on the screens above the stage, it showed Selena getting ready to sing, and then walking, and then she rose up out of the back/middle part of the stage! It was so cool!!!!!

Love You Like a Love Song

Who Says- at one point, she had the audience sing one of the choruses to her. it was really awesome

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Magic- last song. Confetti shaped like doves fell on us at the end. the dove shape is for her clothing line. thats the logo


Falling Down


Spotlight- this performance was really cool. The music started, then she appeared with her 4 backup dancers and all the lights were off. Then they all turned on these huge flashlights and started dancing with them. It was super cool!

Middle of Nowhere- at one point in this song Selena walked back to the huge drum and starting banging on it with these sticks. It was fun!!!

We Own The Night- name of the tour.

When The Sun Goes Down- name of new album

Summer’s Not Hot

Round and Round

Off The Chain- her dancers in this one were doing dances with chain to add to it.

Bang Bang Bang- at the end of this song, her dancers each had a thing sort of like a homemade marshmallow gun, and shot confetti out of it!

Overall, the concert was super amazing!!!!! I'll post pictures soon!!


Alisa said...

so fun! are you really turning 16 this week? that's what FB says, but I can't believe you're really that old?!!!

Regina said...

I haven't checked what FB says, but she is NOT turning 16. She will be 13. That is old enough! She is my baby! Take care~

Rachael said...

How fun! sounds like it was such a great concert!