Jergensen Family Moments

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Many things

--Ok, so, I just looked at the last post I made, and for some weird reason, the typing got all big and weird for no reason!?!?!?

--Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!! My family and I just got back from seeing Megamind. It was ok but if you ask my dad he'll shake his head. {He didn't like it} We had a great Thanksgiving meal that my mom and sister, Katie, made. It was delicious!!!!!

--One of my brothers recently had knee surgery, and whenever I do some "annoying little sister thing" {in mitch's words} He gets this weird look on his face and goes, "AHHH! MY KNEE!!!" He is hillarious!!!! Right now he is trying to see what I'm doing HAHA

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