Jergensen Family Moments

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hey! It's Lindsey... after like.... almost a YEAR!!!! Sorry! I forget my mom doesn't keep on top of things like this, so I don't bother to check if she has! Well, here are some random pics from my camera if you do so please to look at them.
Beautiful sunset by my house

The Rocky Mountains... from the air!!!!!!!
Octopus in the Boston Aquarium

Myrtle the Giant Sea Turtle... Also in the Boston Aquarium (by the way... I didn't name it Myrtle, the aquarium did)
This is one of my favorites!!!! I got underneath my Aunt Lynne's Magnolia tree and took this looking up. It is a beautiful tree!
Cheyenne, one of my BFF's!!!!! She is so sweet and kind!!

I'll try to keep you up to date as much as possible, but NO promises!!!! :)


Alisa said...

Hi Linds! Yay for keeping up on the Jergensen blog! Keep it coming, I like hearing from you!

Julie said...

Thanks for the update Lindsey--get your Mom to do MORE!! I'd really like to keep up with what your great family is up to.

(Ask your Mom who I am, and tell her hi)