Jergensen Family Moments

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perry the Parakeet

My mom and dad let me (Lindsey) get a pet parakeet. I named him Perry. My dad wanted me to name him Pete so he could call him "Parakeet Pete," but I told him that I like "Perry the Parakeet" better.

More pics of Perry. That is one of his toys by him. He knocked it down, and I don't want to reach in and stand it up because he bites.

Another pic of Perry. I woke up on Friday morning and I looked at him. It looked like he had a beard, but it was just the white around his face. :)

This is Perry's cage. My mom took me out of school on Thursday to take me to get a cage for my bird that I would be getting later that day. I also got him three toys, but I want to get him more sometime soon. :)


Colby and Katie said...

i really like perry the parakeet! Good job on the blogging, Linds! miss ya.

A Friend's Perspective said...

Congratulations on the parakeet!! So, do you like him better than a dog?

I'm so glad you're blogging. Tell your mom she needs to get with it!

BTW - you might not want to give Perry anymore toys if he keeps not being nice. You don't want to reward bad behavior! : )

Julie said...

Cool bird!! Tell your Mom I NEED her to blog. I would dearly love to see pictures and hear what's going on at your house. Tell her to check out my blog at and then get going on hers!!!